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Dr. F. Alex Feltus

Clemson University
Professor, Genetics and Biochemistry Department
Dr. F. Alex Feltus received a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from Auburn University in 1992, served two years in the Peace Corps in the Fiji Islands, and then completed advanced training in biomedical sciences at Vanderbilt and Emory.  He has performed research in artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, cyberinfrastructure, high-performance computing, network biology, tumor biology, agrigenomics, genome assembly, systems genetics, paleogenomics, and bioenergy feedstock genetics.  Currently, Feltus is Professor in Clemson University’s Dept. of Genetics & Biochemistry and co-Founder of Praxis AI, LLC.  Feltus has published numerous scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, released open source software, and trained undergrad and PhD students in bioinformatics, biochemistry, and genetics. He is funded by multiple NSF grants and is engaged in tethering extremely creative people from diverse technical backgrounds to solve bio-based challenges and provide democratized data intensive computing access to everyone on Earth.
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